Fast Food

Dear LEON (Naturally Fast Food),

Very attentive to mention an URL where to leave feedback on the receipt of my purchase.

Fast Food is considered unhealthy because of the preparation time and too much sugar and unhealthy fats.
For obvious reasons, refined sugars and industrially filtered oils are not natural.
Eating an apple seems to me to be one of simpliest ways to consider consuming fast food.

I enjoy fries with mayonnaise. That’s why I regularly visit “The Frites Atelier” from Sergio Herman (famous chef or 3 Michelin stars). A portion of fries with mayonnaise costs € 5 and a special € 8.50.
Backed to perfection and no additional seasoning, with exceptionally homemade mayonnaise in different flavours. For example, a tarragon-based mayo, bearnaise style.

I wanted to a eat quick snack at Utrecht Central Station, and because I preferred a healthier approach to fries, I went to LEON.

I ordered oven fries and got rosti-like pressed spiced potato puree waffles. Clearly seasoned with dried spices and sugar.

The mayonnaise was a watery tarragon/garlic sauce, which you would expect with kebab or other spicy meat.
A chicken-aioli-wrap, the chicken was tasty, the wrap itself difficult to chew.

Summary of my visit at LEON:

  • I didn’t get what I ordered. No fries but seasoned potato waffles
  • I ordered mayonnaise. I got watery sauce.
  • The portion “fries” was very small.
  • I ordered chicken-aioli wrap. Wrap was hard to chew on.
  • The waiting time was too long. Person at counter was occupied with other personnel while order was already prepped and ready. By making personnel attend on the fact that I was trying to catch the next train, finally the order was handed to me.

I regret to have such a negative experience at LEON. I believe there’s a demand for a healthier alternative for fast food. And I am glad new alternatives are manifested in crowded spots like Central Station Utrecht. I imagine it’s difficult to combine health ideals with exploiting a commercial enterprise. Many fail, because of many people are accustomed by the smooth taste of refined flower and addictions to refined sugar, which is at the heart of the food industry worldwide. The definition “Natural” has adopted a vague description in the order of no e-numbers, no refined sugars, coconut oil, honey, sugar alternatives and grains.

In my opinion Natural could be defined as: “Don’t mash up the ingredient.”, the ingredients being natural as in; a vegetable out of the garden with actual soil, containing its natural minerals and vitamins and taste.
Baking a potato and leave it the way it is. Baking a bio-chicken. Spices and herbs could easily be defined as naturel, the herbs preferred grown on soil.
My experience with growing fruit and vegetables is if is done with care and love, that is the love of people who are knowledged and passioned, is as natural as it gets. People that dedicate themselves to prepare healthy and delicious food. The same for meat and fish.

Serving food could be as fast as in the blink of an eye, with the perfect serving system and dedicated personnel. The preparation takes dedication, care, love for people eating healthy tasty food with intrinsic value of minerals and vitamins.

I would like to thank you for the opportunity for giving feedback on my purchase.

With kind regards, Timber Povee